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OGSM brengt jouw naar de top

OGSM Leaders takes you to the top

Right organizing is a top sport: constantly making clever choices and maintaining your focus. That’s why you want to keep moving. So that you stick to your plans and steer for results. OGSM is the most powerful tool for this. Simple, but not easy. With our knowledge and experience, we have already turned 1000+ teams into true OGSM leaders.

So: do you already have a plan or do you want a plan?

Smart from start

OGSM | Ready:
With the right tools

Everything starts with clear insight. Which OGSMs are important to your business and what is their status? Keep insight into which strategic choices and subsequent actions you need to discuss with each other. With our exclusive OGSM tools, you not only monitor this; you also ensure that everyone is steering towards one truth.

This way, you have 24/7 visibility into your OGSM and steer on one truth.

Training op maat

OGSM | Set:
Through customised training

Do you want to create your own OGSMs and guide teams through implementation? Become an OGSM leader and attend our training. We get to work with OGSM in a practical way. This way you gain experience as well as knowledge. You will learn the following:


All the ins and outs about OGSM.


The steps for creating a sharp plan.


A practical process that drives results.


Roles and responsibilities in the team.


Creating coherence among multiple OGSMs.

This is how you become an OGSM leader in no time!

OGSM | Go:
Advice and go

Okay, your OGSMs are clear. Now it comes down to implementation. We think along with you: in the boardroom and on the floor. Partly because of us, thousands of teams are already successfully using the OGSM model. From SME to international, from financial institutions to healthcare institutions. We guide, ask questions and advise on broad outlines.

This way, it doesn’t just remain ink on paper.

Advies en gaan

This is what other OGSM leaders say:

What are you waiting for? Become your own OGSM leader!

Wooly language and vague choices? That’s not in our dictionary. We keep it sharp like a knife. We are inquisitive, ask questions and get to the essence of your business. We always recognize your common thread. With our unique toolbox and experience, we get results fast. And we don’t stop until you have mastered it yourself: guaranteed.

OGSM Leaders already helped 1000+ teams. Are you next?

Waar wacht je nog op


OGSM is the model for making a good plan that fits on one page. You can see at a glance what you want to achieve and what you need to do to achieve it. Now that’s easy steering! To master OGSM properly, you must become familiar with the four components: 1) objective, 2) goals, 3) strategies and 4) measures.

Your OGSM starts with defining your objective. Then you attach goals to this, which make your objective concrete and measurable. Often there are several routes to your objective, with your strategies you determine your route. Last but not least: you determine the measures. These consist of indicators and actions.

Because OGSM is simple but powerful. And has three success factors. 1) OGSM gives you a clear direction for the future. 2) OGSM monitors the progress of your plans. It doesn’t stop at ink and paper. 3) Get instant insight into results and make adjustments where needed. In addition, the OGSM method is flexible and responds to new insights or ideas.

OGSM makes sure you have a good plan that allows you to make an impact. From large to small companies or even sole proprietorships; OGSM is for everyone. We see it in practice: from tech companies and financial institutions, international organizations, healthcare institutions to municipalities. Everyone can do it.

Become your own OGSM Leader! Get in touch!